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Learning languages at a young age expands the mind!

As a kindergarten teacher or administrator, you understand the importance of giving children high quality, positive learning experiences at a young age. A kindergarten curriculum that gives the basics of English early in life is a gift your students and their parents – a gift they will appreciate throughout their school years and their entire lives. Numerous intellectual and developmental benefits to learning a second language early in life have been widely researched and documented.

The Didi and Polly English course was developed specifically for teaching young children English as a second language in group settings. Using a wide range of tools such as music CDs, animated videos, unique kindergarten games and activity books, our specially trained English teachers create an encouraging environment for children conducive to acquiring new skills.

With Didi and Polly, children are immersed in an environment where only English is spoken and heard. Positive reinforcement continues through home learning with the CDs and course activity books and Kindergarten worksheets that are available to parents. By the end of the school year, you will discover that the children have a good grasp of the basics of the English language which they naturally retain through singing songs, learning vocabulary, and building sentences.

In fact, many parents choose to send their children to a particular kindergarten because it offers this unique early English as a second language learning experience. Most importantly, children love learning English with Didi and Polly because it’s so much fun!

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